Relational slow tourism was born from a research development project supported by Liveinslums Association in the City of Deads, the inhabited cemetery of Cairo. We promote a kind of responsible and innovating tourism intended for demanding travellers who want to establish a true relationship with the territory, its culture and inhabitants. By studying some peculiar itineraries ( monumental, anthropological, social intense tour), we invite travellers to a slow tourism, respectful of cultural differences, as well as promoter of the defence of material and immaterial heritage of The Dead’s Town.
Relational slow tourism is a development project planned by a research group formed by architects, anthropologist, sociologists, filmmakers, photographers. We act as mediators between visitors and the local community, studying tours for travellers, training local guides, running a small urban centre inside City of Deads. Itineraries last from 3 to 5 hours and are about 5 kilometres long inside The Dead’s Town. The trip allows to explore the place by visiting mosques, madrases and mausoleums, public services already existing in the area ( schools, associations ), as well as formal and informal, commercial and handicraft activities. A particular attention is given to meeting the local community living in the “hosh” ( keepers, craftsmen, undertakers). When meeting people inside the “hosh” in The Dead’s Town, we have to keep to the host families’ behaviour rules. Slow tourism project is carried out under direct cooperation with the families, in order to maintain an authentic relationship and not to be too intrusive; in fact, only small groups (5 persons to the maximum ) are allowed to the visits; in case of more persons, they will be divided.
This is the reason why the use of cameras is limited. Even if temperature in Cairo is high, women are invited to wear proper clothes and shoes and veil their heads when entering mosques and madrases. Our behaviour is to be generally consonant with Muslim culture. All inhabitants and guides involved in the project must be paid for their cooperation only, consequently visitors are asked not to offer any further money or alms to host families or any other persons (especially children), even if asked for, in the respect of the relationship with the inhabitants established by the working group. Visitors may have the opportunity to support us becoming an active community. The price for the visit is completely allocated to the residing community. Visitors can help to study itineraries by marking out places not yet included in our tours. By buying Slow Tourism guide-book you will support us and our research and project activities (urban center, guide training etc )

The families taking part to the project are selected according to the following rules:
- Monumentality or historic-architectural interest of the tomb where they live.
- Poor economic conditions (numerous families with dependant children, husband without a steady job, unsteady right to live in the “ hosh “).

All the inhabitants who will accompany you along the tour are residing in the Dead’s Town and are attending a tourist training to become guides. Many of them can speak very little English or no English at all, but live in the tour area and know all the host families. You will pay about 15 euros for the visit to the City of Deads. The sum is divided as follows: guides are given 50 Egyptian pounds, host families get 30 Egyptian pounds, mosque keepers 10 Egyptian pounds. A small sum of money may be allocated for benefit in the urban centre place at your discretion only. Contact our mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , pointing at the day intended for your visit, the visitors’ number, at least a week before your leaving for Cairo. You can buy the tourist guide on line by credit card at the price of 15 euros; it will be sent home 15 days later. The whole sum will be your contribution to the project you took part in when visiting The Dead’s Town.


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