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LIVEINSLUMS is an NGO Liveinslums is a non-governmental organization that carries out humanitarian projects in developing countries, focusing its efforts in urban areas. By 2050, 80% of the world population will live in megacities, with the prediction of the birth of 20 megacities and a sharp decline (-30%) of the active population in rural areas. Currently, about a third of the world's urban population lives in slums (slums, favelas, shanty towns, townships) - in Africa this percentage rises to 60% and it is estimated that by 2020 nearly 1.4 billion people will live in such settlements.

To address this emergency, our organization chooses to develop projects of international cooperation and development programs in the slums of the world, in most cases urban settlements that are not recognized in terms of rights, where poverty, marginalization and discrimination are concentrated - but that are great resources for economic growth and development of cities.

The Liveinslums ONG carries out urban regeneration actions on multiple levels involving professionals from different disciplines: architects, agronomists, landscape architects, sociologists, anthropologists, filmmakers, designers, photographers, artists.

Founded in 2008, it has accomplished projects in Nairobi, Cairo, Port au Prince, Bucharest, São Paulo, counting on the direct support of residents, local community groups, government authorities and private institutions.

All Liveinslums projects are united by a single methodology that includes the development of a preliminary scientific study, acknowledgement of the local communities as main actors of the transformation processes and as bearers of useful knowledge to understand and interpret the local context, and the involvement of specific professionals to guarantee a high-quality planning of the interventions.

The main projects have included several areas of intervention:

- Urban agriculture - through the creation of community gardens, microgarden, vertical vegetable gardens, training centers to learn farming techniques; Recycling - with the transformation of landfills and information campaigns;

- Architecture and landscape - by building schools, lightweight structures for breeding animals, prototypes for the homeless, training workshops to learn traditional building techniques, construction of riverbanks and redevelopment landscaping;

- Pilot projects of fish farming and Phytoremediation.

In order to ensure sustainable human growth and the sustainability of the projects, the association monitors the areas of intervention until they are managed autonomously by the beneficiaries with the support of sociological, anthropological and cultural mediation skills

All interventions of the ONG are performed in close collaboration with photographers and videomakers who deal with the documentation and communication of the projects and with carrying out research that will facilitate the understanding of the human and social context.

Workshops are regularly organized on the field in collaboration with universities, Masters and research centres that give young professionals the opportunity to participate in the various phases of the work together with the communities living in the territory.

HEAD QUARTER Liveinslums ex-Opificio via Tortona 31, Milano / CF: 97558730152

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