Nairobi has a population of 5.2 million inhabitants of which 2.9 million reside in the slums that have reached a record number of 199. The average monthly income is equal to 3000 shillings, and the weakest members are excluded from any type of social assistance.
Life expectancy is 44 years and 1/3 of the inhabitants of the principal slums (Kibera, Mathare, and Korogocho) are infected with the HIV virus. This situation has increased exponentially the number of street children in Nairobi, which according to the estimates of the associations are about 130.000. There is no scientific criterion to calculate them, since the kind of life they make exclude them from any classification. the many landfills that exist in the city, like the one in front of the Kenyatta market, constitute a valuable resource for the waste seekers that live on the streets, but those resources are also subject to the economic interests of a few people who exploit the weakness of many people, in particular of the street boys.
Ndugo Mdodo crew is a small troupe formed by the authors of the TV series "Little brother Kenya" at the beginning of the filming. it was founded with the intention to broaden the experience and to share its own reflection with seven Kenyans young boys who lived in the same degraded urban areas that were choose for the set.
Boniface Okada Buluma , James Kamande, Simon Murira , Robinson Murundo, Newton Musundi , Francis Owino and Victor Shanwata have collaborated in the filming learning (and - as in African tradition- 'doing'), within a kind of street school of the film industry where their human and creative contribution could express itself and could become one of the elements of authenticity of the entire series. Many of the clips from the TV series were shot by the same street boys, in particularly the clips made at the Kenyatta market.

"Watch the video of the project"


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